JCE are specialists in the development and implementation of integrated spatial solutions for commercial and government organisations. We offer creative and innovative end-to-end business solutions with particular emphasis on web based strategies for the management of spatial data.


Along with services to support the installation and configuration of IntraMaps, JCE offer services in GIS management, spatial business analysis, map production, spatial project management, training and data transformation and translation services.

Topographical Survey, Land Survey, Data Collection and GIS/GPS Technology are our main stream. JCE is one of the leading company in Central India uses DGPS & Total Station. JCE committed to the work and clients. Our aim is to build long-term partnerships/ alliance with our clients with the belief that their comfort is the key to our success.

JCE has worked in the area of Topographical Survey and GIS/DGPS for many years, and that gives us an advantage. We have extensive libraries of historical survey and surveyors notes. We research the historical data before ever sending our survey crews to the job site. This saves time, saves money, and most importantly insures the accuracy and correctness of the survey.


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